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Video: Jimmy Butler Explains Why He Trucked Chris Paul

Since Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler shut the hype down of T.J Warren, he decided to get a little payback in last night 116-115 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

During the second quarter with 42 seconds on the clock, three-point specialist Duncan Robinson decided to pump fake in the corner for a three as Chris Paul swiped at the ball.

Paul had some words for Robinson given his competitive nature is predicated on leadership. At the 40 second mark, Butler inbounds the ball to Robinson only for CP3 to steal it aggressively. It went south once CP3 threw the ball off Robinson’s back that went out of bounds and resulted in the Thunder’s possession.

At 24 seconds, Butler dribbles the ball driving to the rim and elbows CP3 to the ground. Although it looks as if it was a shove with Butler’s elbow, CP3 got a taste of his own medicine when physicality is brought.

Butler not only told reporters what he’s capable of but showed CP3 that he’s the definition of being “down for my n*****” like the song performed by New Orleans rapper C-Murder.

The NBA playoffs are right around the corner and both the Heat and Thunder are two teams no one expected to be as great during the start of the season. If CP3 doesn’t win a chip this year, he still has his State Farm Commercials to shoot and get one of the most exciting young teams in the NBA ready for next season.

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