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COVID’s Impact On The Gambling World

There is simply no denying that COVID isn’t impacting everything that it comes into contact with these days. Heck, just look at what it has done to the financial world as well as most markets and industries. It has made some of them non-existent. Look at what it has done to major sports. It’s put entire leagues on the brink of disaster and ruin. That being said, there is probably no bigger industry that’s felt the impact of the pandemic like the gambling industry. As the pandemic continues to sweep across the world, lockdowns and other procedural habits are having major impacts on consumer behaviors. Here’s what’s currently going on in the gambling world.

Online Gambling Is Booming

This one is probably not going to come as a surprise to anyone and it’s exactly why it is mentioned first. With more people locked inside their homes now than ever before, they need outlets. Gateways to communication and socialization. The only place for them to get that is the Internet. This is just one of the many reasons that online gambling is currently soaring in popularity. It’s a practice that was gaining a lot of attention before the pandemic hit, but now that it’s here in full swing, the online gambling world is on fire. Most land-based casinos are still shut down with no reopen dates in sight, so this is a trend that you can expect to go on for a long time.

It might even continue well after COVID has passed. There is no denying that online gambling comes with some major benefits that you won’t get when gambling in a brick and mortar casino. If consumers catch on to these benefits, they may never go back to the physical gambling world again.

Fewer People Getting Into The Market

Despite the booming numbers that are currently being generated in the online gambling world, you might be surprised to learn that fewer people are actually gambling these days. Unfortunately, new customers just aren[t jumping on the bandwagon as of right now. In fact, it has been reported that only a mere 0.2 percent of adults started gambling since the pandemic hit. You couple this with the halting of sports and lack of current betting opportunities, and you would think that the market would be dipping or seeing some kind of indication of a decline. However, that does not seem to be the case.

Things might change in the future, but it looks like the market is going to hold steady here for now, which is good news for online gambling operators like w88.

Trying New Things

One might be wondering how the online gambling markets are booming if they aren’t getting new customers and existing ones can’t take advantage of sports betting. Well, it seems that the active players that are currently enrolled in online casinos are trying new things. A research study conducted by YouGov revealed that a third of current and active gamblers have tried some form of new game or gambling since the pandemic hit. Operators are also showing that certain products are seeing active player increases compared to this time last year.

New Social-Distancing And Mask Wearing Regulations

Despite what you’ve read above, there will be a time when land-based casinos open back up. However, this interesting thing is going to be how the public reacts to this. Will they continue to gambling online or will they go back towards the land-based world. Whatever the situation is, there is simply no denying that there are going to be some changes in the land-based. One will be that masks will likely be required. Social-distancing will probably also be a major factor. Players just won’t want to sit next to each other. Casinos might even require players to keep certain distances from each other. This plus the masks and the fewer number of players at each table, and it’ll make it all that much harder to win.

Plus, with the lower number of players, it limits the chances of winning as well.


At the end of the day, you’ll see that there are a number of ways that COVID has impacted the gambling industry. Heck, it has likely impacted the gambling industry more profoundly than any most others. Regardless, there is no denying that COVID has impacted everything that it has come into contact with, and it will likely continue to impact as it sweeps across the nation.