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Dan Snyder Claims He’s Being Extorted By His Own Co-Owner

Sometimes it’s your own people. As is with the case of Daniel Snyder and his accusation against one of his fellow minority owners of the Washington Football Team. This report comes on the heels of a $1.6 million settlement amidst sexual harassment claims.

Snyder’s filing, in U.S. District Court in southern Maryland accuses his partner, Dwight Schar, of trying to force him to sell the franchise.

The court documents state: “I firmly believe that Plaintiffs’ motion and supplemental filing and the news articles that they have generated are the latest in the effort to extort me.”

Snyder’s filling claims that no evidence of wrongdoing was found after an investigation by a law firm.

“Plaintiff Schar nevertheless threatened to reveal to discredit me and embarrass my family, but which the insurance carrier decided to settle,” Snyder said, according to the filing.

Snyder has alleged in previous filings that Schar was behind some of the negative information that was included in articles. On Wednesday, his filing stated that “Dwight Schar has funneled information about me and the Team to Mary Ellen Blair, a former Executive Assistant with the Team, to be provided to The Washington Post.”

According to Snyder, Blair made a declaration that Schar told her to share information with The Washington Post. Snyder’s filing alleged that Schar’s daughter bought Blair a “burner phone” to “attempt to escape detection of Mr. Schar’s conspiratorial communications.” He cited “numerous calls” from that phone to Schar’s cellphone number.

Snyder said there have been repeated threats by Schar and others associated with him over the past five months. Snyder said Schar threatened “my personal attorney” in a July 25 conversation.

The Football Team has seemingly been in a whirlwind of controversy in recent years, all stemming from the former provocative name of the team. An official new name or an ownership change has been speculated for some time now, but it doesn’t seem likely that Snyder will let go of his childhood team without a fight.

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