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Minnesota Town Approves White-Only Church

In Murdock, Minnesota a whites only church that dates it’s roots can be traced back to Northern Europe will be allowed to fellowship freely. The Asatru Folk Assembly recently applied for the permit, while residents of the town have pushed back against the church’s creation and obtained 50,000 signatures online opposing the permit.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has characterized the Asatru Folk Assembly as a “neo-Volkisch hate group” that conveys “their bigotry in baseless claims of bloodlines grounding the superiority of one’s white identity.”

Legally, there isn’t a lot the city can do about the church’s existence. The first amendment literally states that congress shall not pass any law disturbing citizens right to practice religion. However, it’s commendable that so many residents are disturbed enough by it that they’re willing to voice their concern despite the protest’ effectiveness. No one wants to live in the place that has the “white only church.”

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