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Why Are CBD Gummies So Popular?

The popularity of cannabidiol has clearly skyrocketed over recent years. It’s the result of a growing demand for a safe way to manage their anxiety and pain.

And it’s no secret that many of the pharmaceuticals on the market carry the risk of addiction and other side effects.

Why Use CBD At All?

Pain Management

As we’ve alluded to, it’s a safe alternative to addictive opioids. Thus, you can manage your pain without the risk of developing an even more dangerous problem than what you’ve set out to treat.

Anxiety Management

Similarly, many want to avoid the risks accompanying treatment with benzodiazepines, meds known for particularly dangerous withdrawals that can even include seizures.

But Why Gummies?

As the popularity of CBD gummies grows, companies are increasingly adding them to their product lines. And there are various reasons for this.


First and foremost, gummies taste good. In contrast, tinctures tend to have an “earthy” taste that many would rather avoid. For this same reason, tincture users often opt for flavored tinctures.


While taking out a tincture at your work desk or in public can draw undesired attention, eating a gummy is a discrete way to consume cannabis.

Convenient Dosing

Unlike tinctures where you calculate and measure your dosage (e.g., counting drops), with gummies you know precisely how many milligrams each gummy contains.

Word of Mouth

And of course, the best free advertising is word of mouth. And as more and more people find relief from cannabis products, the more they share their story with friends and family afflicted with their own conditions.

Just how much this factor has contributed to the popularity of cannabis, of course, is immeasurable though.


Another appealing factor is the autonomy that gummies afford you. For instance, you determine how much to take and how frequently to take it. If you’re taking it for pain, for example, your body will let you know when it’s wearing off. If you were taking a pharmaceutical you would have to work with your doctor to find a suitable dose, whereas, with gummies, you can experiment and determine your own dose. However, “Low and slow” are the words to live by, finding the lowest dose that resolves your symptoms. Of course, this is important for two reasons. Using more than necessary is wasteful and expensive.

The Downside to Gummies

So with so many good reasons to get gummies, the question that remains is why not get gummies? And, in reality, many still prefer sublingual tinctures that quickly enter the system and are more fully absorbed. That’s the downside to edibles: they have less bioavailability, less cannabidiol being absorbed and utilized by your Endocannabinoid System.

In other words, when you use a tincture, more of the cannabidiol enters your bloodstream than when you eat gummies. That said, there’s no reason you can’t use the tincture at home and use gummies when you’re out in public, for the sake of discretion.

Go for Gummies

As with other cannabis products, you’ll want to do your research prior to purchasing a product.

First and foremost, you want to ensure that there are third-party lab tests for the product. You want to know precisely what’s in the product. Other than that, determine if you want gummies with other cannabinoids and terpenes present, as in full-spectrum gummies, or not. In that regard, full-spectrum contains those including THC, and broad-spectrum is essentially full-spectrum without the THC. Whichever product you decide upon, we hope you enjoyed and learned something new from our article. Good luck finding the relief you deserve.