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BSO Picks For The #NBAAllStar Game; What Players Just Missed The Cut This Year

Oklahoma City – Despite the complaints form numerous players, the NBA will move forward with this year’s Allstar game. It’s not necessarily the smartest move for the league, especially with so many players speaking out against it but the game will go on.

The game will be held in Atlanta and the league will be raising money for Covid relief and HBCU’s so even though there is no need for the game, at least it’ll be be for a good cause.

There isn’t really any word on what the format will be this year after they changed it last season but I hope it’s similar to last year’s game. If you don’t recall, the top vote getters from each conference picked their guys from each conference and each quarter was played for charity with the winner of the quarter winning money to their designated charity of choice. After the 3rd quarter, whoever led, 24 points would be added to that to make the final score. The 24 was to honor the late great Kobe Bryant, who they also named the MVP trophy after.

The only thing I hope they get rid of is ending the game on free throws. A game with that much intensity should never be ended with free throws. I also wish they would raise the number of players selected to the Allstar teams because there is so much more talent in the league now than it used to be.

But for now, we’re still stuck at 12 for each conference, 5 guards, 5 non guards, and 2 of either.

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