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Mark Henry Gains 15 Pounds Since Viral Weight Loss Photo: Ready To Dominate In WWE Return Late June

Legends come and go but the “World Strongest Man” is back to put WWE victims in the “Hall of Pain.”

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry sat down with us giving an update on his health after posting his viral weight loss photo last month.

The 49-year-old had a moment of nostalgia and understand his image before won’t return due to health concerns.

“I like the thought of being big,” Henry said while laughing. “So I look in the mirror and when I don’t see the big round shoulders, triceps and biceps…I get depressed sometimes but it’s for the best. I’m trying to be around for my kids as long as I can man…but it feels great man. I didn’t feel bad when I was 440 pounds…I didn’t but to be 340 now and I’m up 15 pounds…because I had a foot injury and I can’t work out. So I gained 15 pounds since I took that photo of me getting my last shot of the vaccination.”

Henry admitted it’ll be about three weeks until he’s back to his normal self. While in a boot, the only thing he can do is walk by faith on his road to recovery.

There’s no secret Henry wants to ignite WWE fans with his dominance that once put the Ruthless Aggression era on notice during the early-2000s.

However, he enjoys time watching comedy when relaxing. From his favorites such as Paul Mooney, the late Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Robin Williams…Henry talked about their contributions in standup comedy.

“He (Williams) talked world issues and he was the first comedian that I ever heard did that. That referenced the relationship between Black people and white people.”

After reflecting on comedy, Henry responded to an interesting moment back in 2003 during an episode on Raw.

In a attempt to attack Stone Cold Steve Austin in the aftermath of Batista getting called out to the ring, Henry was met with the stunner.

Moments later…Goldberg is seen limping down the ramp with a chair and hits Henry straight on the forehead.

Henry according to the camera angle was seen sliding in the ring from the right left viewers at home wondering “where did he come from?”

“You know what the funny thing about that is a lot people didn’t see where I came from. If you watch that’ll here the crowd go ohhhh. I vertical jumped the wall. I came from behind the crowd, jumped over the wall, ran and slid in the ring. That was when I was really young…I still had my hops…I still had my bunnies. These guys now they don’t remember the Footlocker Slam Dunk.”

Two funny moments Henry can say will forever live on was his moments with the late Chyna and Mae Young.

“I guess the funniest thing is when Chyna and I went out on a date and probably the second funniest thing is me and Mae young had a valentines day in the hotel room. Behind the scenes was funnier than what y’all saw on TV because Mae was a mess. I love that woman to death. She allowed me to show the crowd that I had a comedic presence.”

That funny side and soft side made Henry who was once known as Sexual Chocolate reflect on the late Owen Hart.

Hart was someone Henry wish was still alive to work with outside of the ring via business ventures or entertainment.

“I loved Owen… Owen loved me and he was like a big brother to me in pro wrestling…just taught me a lot. He’s just like the Rock. He came from wrestling.”

Time has flew and it’s amazing to see Henry in great spirits as a family man and community man who gives back to the youth.

“Henry has represented the USA in weightlifting at the Olympics in 1992 and 1996 at his prime. He also won the US National Weightlifting title in 1993, 1994 and 1996.He even went on to win American Open in 1992. Henry had also grabbed the gold, silver, and bronze medal at the Pan American Games in 1995. He was also the first man to win the annual Arnold Strongman Classic in 2002,” via News18.

It’ll be amazing to see Henry return to the WWE because pain awaits the new generation of superstars.