Redman Talks Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Role As Method Man Brother: Says He Would’ve Never Accepted Role If Playing A Different Character – BlackSportsOnline
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Redman Talks Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Role As Method Man Brother: Says He Would’ve Never Accepted Role If Playing A Different Character

Redman is a Hip Hop legend and the Brick City rapper spoke with us on his recent VERZUZ with Method Man, the life of DMX, Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 and more.

These days, Redman understands the importance of having a brother line Method Man who supports him.

“I put God first before I do anything man and God has been blessing me so much. The Holy Spirit been blessing me so much man that it’s nothing that I can’t conquer and it’s nothing that won’t happen for me or people who I pray for. So, I would like to start off with that. Second, I guess it came to a point where they wanted to do Verzuz and they wanted to experience and give a different experience as far as Verzuz as you see that’s what happened. When they put the call in to my manger James Ellis…they said they wanted to do Verzuz but I knew and Meth knew that alright if we’re going to do this because you know me and Meth is brothers. Man…like I would never go against my brother not for no amount of money in the world, not no Verzuz not anything. That’s how we stayed around each other all this time and built a great relationship without egos or anything.”

Redman recalled what it was like knowing DMX and when he first met the late New York legend. It’s no secret DMX had his struggles yet he trusted God until he passed away on April 9 at White Plains Hospital in New York.

“He knew how to pray for people and pray for himself,” Redman said. “That’s one thing I respected about him cause I grew up in the church you know? It always astounded me like how can a person be so wild but now how to pray better than an average preacher? Like…I believe his calling was to preach. I believe this Hip Hop wasn’t his calling.”

With Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 on its way focusing on Tariq, Tasha, Tommy and the question of James St. Patrick (Ghost) death…Redman wasn’t excited about his appearance since he’s a Power fan.

“When they asked me when I heard about it last year about them wanting me to be in it, I was like no. I was like I’m not gone do it because I don’t want to see me in it. I don’t want no more known rappers in it. But I had to look at it from a sense like you know what its my brother. Put it this way, if I had to play a new character… I don’t think I would’ve did it. But since I’m playing my brother, I’m playing the brother of my boy Meth I’ll do it.”

Redman is transforming his life for the better and wants to walk with God since confirming to us he’s been celibate and not smoking.

Don’t get it twisted because he’s still the funny Redman who has Hip Hop tied to his roots as a successful Black man.