Brian Hooks Talks Documenting & 2022 NETFLIX Comedy Special: Helps At-Risk Youth With “Left Of Bang Entertainment” Production Company – BlackSportsOnline
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Brian Hooks Talks Documenting & 2022 NETFLIX Comedy Special: Helps At-Risk Youth With “Left Of Bang Entertainment” Production Company

Legendary independent actor, film producer and comedian Brian Hooks is more than a funny successful Black man who’s catapulted his way into Hollywood. When we saw him in “3 Strikes” and “Soul Plane” back in the early 2000s…there was a natural funny he’s never pushed away from. However, entertainment doesn’t overthrow his engagement with the next generation of talent who looks up to him.

Hooks spoke with us about some of his most recent projects in the works coming from the Indie film background.

“Man umm…I gotta a lot of things happening man we sort of took advantage of the quarantine man and sort of regroup and reboot,” Hooks said. “I’m going to be doing a special (NETFLIX doc/comedy) and they probably won’t shoot the special until sometime next year but leading up to that special…we’re going to be documenting you know…all things B hooks leading up to that point. Because…we see the journeys of a lot of people already there but nothing speaks directly to the folks who are you know the underdog. Still on the grind, still in the middle, still going through the ups and downs and still trying to build to get to that final destination.”

Hooks is in pre-production for his sitcom “Like Father Like Son” which will entitle six episodes that’ll have fans out their seats laughing.

In the 1990s, Hooks made his film debut in “Phat Beach” and although he allocated the success with his first film credit…it was difficult for Blacks in general to obtain lucrative opportunity. Black women weren’t in positions as writers, producers or executives as Hooks put it.

“We had so little room to move around and wiggle and do what we do. I think my journey was different in a sense that I had an independent background. So, I was making my small contained independent films that had been my foundation and the only reason I’m still standing is that. You’ll see a few Black men in a circle that they would deal with but as far as for a Black woman…that was unheard of.”

Outside the cameras…Hooks launched “Left Of Bang Entertainment” geared towards helping at-risk youth to give them an opportunity to make a difference in film.

“How can I bless those less fortunate? Or how can I bless those in need and that’s what I seek out and sought to do and it’s been an amazing feeling.”

Those kids have something to look forward to and through storytelling…Hooks made it clear his mission is to inspire the young generation who don’t have the resources at their disposal.

“COVID is the least of some these kids worries they have some many other obstacles and barriers they got to navigate just to get to a COVID. I said I have to figure out a way to push forward and that ultimately led to the online film school which is a blessing because it allowed us to touch youth you know all over the country and hopefully all over the world. These kids they just want to be seen. They just want to be heard. They just want to know that someone cares…someone is rooting for them you know?”

Giving is a blessing and Hooks understands value in helping others without expecting any favor in return. When we look at filmmakers in Black culture…Hooks is the guy that defines “perfecting the craft.”