Ex-Bulls Player Will Perdue Believes Scottie Pippen Calling Phil Jackson a Racist is a PR Stunt – BlackSportsOnline
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Ex-Bulls Player Will Perdue Believes Scottie Pippen Calling Phil Jackson a Racist is a PR Stunt

Scottie Pippen has been in the news for all the bad reasons. His wife of many years Larsa Pippen has decided to leave him and fulfill her Kardashian fantasy at nearly 50 years-old, he recently lost one of his sons, and then most recently in an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, he called out former Head Coach Phil Jackson for allegedly being a racist.

Former Bulls teammate Will Perdue thinks Pippens claims are just a PR stunt saying his comments simply do not add up. Pippen’s comments simply do not add up in Perdue’s mind. In case you missed it, Scottie Pippen was the very definition of viral yesterday when he doubled down and called his former coach Phil Jackson racist.

However, in an interview with 670 The Score, this isn’t the first time he’s listened to Pippen’s claim about Jackson being a racist which he’s claimed to have heard over 30 times prior.

“If he feels like it truly was … racially motivated, then he needs to do something more about it than just briefly answer a question from Dan Patrick or answer a question in GQ,” Perdue said. “He also, in my opinion, needs to gives specific examples. He needs to have somebody back him up. He needs to have other teammates step up and say, ‘I experienced the same thing.’ I don’t want to sit here and say, ‘No, this didn’t happen.’ Because I can’t sit here and give you a 100% certainty answer that this did not happen. I can say that I didn’t experience it, but then at the same time, I’m white and I’m answering these questions. I can only fathom what Scottie had to deal with growing up, what any other African-American had to deal with growing up, stuff that I just can’t fathom, that’s mind-boggling”.

Perdue and Pippen were Bulls teammates from 1988 to 1995. Perdue wants to see more people step up and needs to see evidence before taking Pippens claims seriously.

“I have yet to see anybody step up and agree with his statements as of yet,” Perdue said. “I could be mistaken.

“At the end of the day, we need more proof, we need more evidence, we need more specific examples so that we have something that we can back this up with. Because anybody can just say anything they want and the court of public opinion can take sides.”

Scottie’s comments have seemed on-brand just based on some of his takes and constantly changing his on debates relating to basketball. It definitely seems like Scottie has an ulterior motive. He has a bourbon coming out as well as a book so Will Perdue may be right, this may just all be a PR stunt to gain notoriety for his next endeavors.

Now we will wait and see if Phil or anyone else that was around Scottie and Phil in Chicago adds context to this outrageous claim.

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