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Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Face-Off

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul faced-off in Miami today this afternoon. It is only a few days away until the widely anticipated fight is set to take place. Many fans are still confused by the rules that were released for the match. Some of the rules include, no judges and no winners. Seems quite odd that these are a part of the rules but Logan Paul is very confident that he will make Floyd quit in only 6 rounds.

“I’ve tried for over the past 8 months to put myself in the future and imagine how I would feel when the time came down to it and yeah, it’s here. Another day at the office.”

Logan Paul actually believes the his challengers Floyd Mayweather and his camp, would approach him with a massive bribe to throw the fight —but he insists that never actually took place.

“I was waiting for the guy in the black suit to approach me and be like ‘Yo, we’ll pay you $50 million dollars to throw this fight. We can’t afford Floyd losing’ … but it never happened.”

Logan says that his brother Jake will be at the match but he will not be in his corner. He says it would be bad for business if Jake wasn’t at least in attendance.

Paul who is very sure of himself by asking his fans one simple question,

“The question is gonna be … where were you when Logan Paul beat Floyd Mayweather?!?! You’re gonna remember that moment. You don’t wanna miss it! Trust me!”.

It personally believe despite the difference in height and weight, Floyd will keep this fight just entertaining enough by holding off most of Logans punches will throwing a few blows here and there. The fact that this fight has no winner or judges is obviously a bad thing. I guess this is the first time that this fight could be as debated as big prize fights.

Flip the page to see the rules that this match will adhere to.


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