Kwame Brown Says Jay Williams’ White Zaddy at ESPN Told Him to Expose a Private Kevin Durant Conversation on TV | BlackSportsOnline
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Kwame Brown Says Jay Williams’ White Zaddy at ESPN Told Him to Expose a Private Kevin Durant Conversation on TV

Kwame Brown has been on a mission to expose the mainstream sports media, or what he likes to call them, “the go along get along gang”. His next targets are ESPN personalities Max Kellerman and Jay Williams.

Brown starts his rant by thanking Kendrick Perkins for defending Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving from Max Kellerman of First Take and Jay Williams. He then says he notices that both KD and Kyrie have been mainstays in the news for a number of reasons, all being off the court released, which seemed odd.

I don’t what you boys did, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, I don’t know what party you turned down, I don’t know who you done  talked about, but they are talking about you every day”.

Both Kellerman and Jay Williams made remarks about the Nets star players leaving Kwame to throw insults at both including calling Jay Williams a butt face for lying about a story he had told about an alleged encounter he had with Durant.

You don’t need to talk like that, Learn how to respect someone and keep your mouth close.

Even though KD has said this story is a lie, Jay Williams has stood by his story saying it’s 100% true.

Brown says he told us about the go-along get along gang, and stated guys like him and Max Kellerman will say and do anything for television ratings but ask why does there has to be a story on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving almost over and over and over.

Is that gonna be last story of the month. I’ve heard about dates and more about shit they said instead of how many baskets they hit. We don’t want you motherfuckers to gossip, we want you guys to talk about what these great men do on the court.

It will be interesting if Jay Williams responds to the criticism, but it’s incredible how J-Will is still sticking to his guns despite Durant himself saying his story is untrue.

I was probably wrong for sharing a personal story, but that’s what we do, we share personal stories,” Williams said and admitted of the apparent conversation the pair had at a holiday party for Durant’s business.

Do you think Brown has a point?

Flip the page for his full rant about the topic.

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