Mo’Nique Sheds Tears About Her Kids Understanding Her Legacy: Awaits Apology From Tyler Perry, Oprah, Lee Daniels & Lionsgate For “Slowing Down” Her Career – BlackSportsOnline
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Mo’Nique Sheds Tears About Her Kids Understanding Her Legacy: Awaits Apology From Tyler Perry, Oprah, Lee Daniels & Lionsgate For “Slowing Down” Her Career

Part 1 Interview

If there’s a time to stand up demanding equality and justice in a world filled with racism and sexism…it’s now. Black is beautiful when the iconic standup comedian and actress Mo’Nique continues to voice the truth about her career.

Eartha Kitt, Fannie Lou Hamer, Josephine Baker, Hattie McDaniels and others have put their lives on the line for Black women through their trials. Mo’Nique as she put it isn’t “backing down” or “backing up” if her life is lost for “minding everyone’s business” in our community.

The legendary voice of women in comedy sat down with us and spoke about how her family is proud of each other for her stance in regards to equality.

“You know…I would have to say we’re proud of each other because we all had to take a stand because we had to stand together,” Mo’Nique said. “And I’m proud as a wife because when it first hit…my husband (Sidney Hicks) took me by the hands and said momma we’re gonna be okay because eventually the truth will catch up. I’m proud of our sons because we took a hit but they stood in it because…they understood what we were standing for. So I’ll have to say we’re proud of each other in this whole thing.”

Last month, Mo’Nique appeared on her brother’s Kevin Hart “Comedy Gold Minds” podcast addressing the magnitude of what she wants via her career.

“Everybody’s purpose is different. Everybody fight is different and I had to understand everybody don’t fight like me and my husband fight. Kevin Hart’s heart is pure and everybody doesn’t have the purpose of I’m gonna get this right. Kevin Hart is Mo how can I fix it for you baby? So everybody’s purpose is not the same.”

The four entities in Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels and Lionsgate without question “slowed” down Mo’Nique’s career. It’s not a matter of suffering but a journey Mo’Nique is willing to endure now that her health is okay.

“Oftentimes what happens is…just like you said to me how much more suffering can you take. You’ve expressed that your family took a financial hit. But integrity doesn’t have a price tag. Your principles doesn’t have a price tag and it doesn’t have a time frame,” Mo’Nique said.

Tyler Perry was wrong for not following through on his false promise to Mo’Nique after a phone recording in 2018 leaked revealing Perry would publicly say Mo was right for telling Lions Gate no. In 2021, Perry remains silent like the others and because we as a Black community exalted them above God or see them as Gods…we’ve chosen idolatry over integrity. Let’s not forget Mo’Nique was offered $500,000 in hush money by Perry to calm the matter down. It goes back to Black women who took a stand and didn’t back down.

“Normally the one who takes the stand is the one who takes the hit. Most of our sisters who took a hit, most of them died in despair. Most of them died of poor health. Most of them died totally misunderstood when they were trying to love on their community,” Mo’Nique said.

It’s no secret Mo’Nique made $50,000 for the film “Precious” while she was signed with Lee Daniels Entertainment. It’s not about the money which Mo’Nique reiterated on many occasions in appearances on TV and radio. Once her contract was up…Mo’Nique wasn’t contractually obligated to promote “Precious” overseas after Lionsgate picked up the film and assumed she would work for free with no pay to promote a $63.6 million Box office film. At that time…Mo’Nique had other endeavors to focus on with one known as “The Mo’Nique Show” airing on BET from 2009-2011. This is what happens when you say “NO” to people in power along with a 2010 New York Times article pointing out the irony of promotion.

Part 2 Interview

Mo’Nique is a Black, loving, peaceful and beautiful soul speaking the truth. However, if we sit back and allow for her to die in despair someday like the warrior women who served as an example before her…we as a community will be the ones to blame in the end. Therefore, fake love has no place for a woman who will continue to be a voice for the voiceless by saving the next Black woman who might encounter a similar situation. Everyone isn’t a child of God and although Mo’Nique thrived successfully in a worldly environment…she refused to be a slave with the guidance of Sidney protecting her career.

Comedy is therapy for Mo’Nique and a woman with 30 plus years in the business is unmatched. What Black America didn’t know was Mo’Nique knew in her earlier days she would deal with this situation despite what viewers may have thought. The question to Black America is plain and simple. Are you going to do to Mo’Nique what you did to the late Earl “DMX” Simmons and other A-list names? Will you wait until she gets a street named after her or a “Mo’Nique Day?” Will you allow the power structure of white Hollywood along with some of our lost Black people in secret to televise her funeral someday then say good things? At the end of the day…”Momma Mo” will be fine because God’s grace is her shield. With her kids understanding the legacy and stance she’s taking…that matters more than negative opinions from a world who wasn’t raised by her standards.