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Stephen A. Smith Didn’t Approve of Kendrick Perkins and Quavo Getting a Segment on 1st Take

In a segment today on First Take, Quavo from the Migos and ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins went on air to address a beef that steamed from a rap lyric by Quavo on his song “F*** 12” mentioning Kendrick Perkins who then called him out for those “trash bars”. Despite this, one Stephen A Smith can be seen visibly annoyed at the whole conversation before stating he was completely unaware of the feud between Perkins and Quavo.

KP let me say this man, I knew absolutely, positively nothing about this ‘beef’ or whatever it is between y’all,” Stephen A. said 3:22 into the above clip. “I knew nothing about this literally until y’all both came on the air. Let me say this to you, Quavo loves his basketball, knows his basketball. You a champion, clearly a paid analyst on this network. You know your basketball and now it’s about us talking basketball, how ’bout that? Are we good?

Quavo and Perkins despite the beef on Twitter, two remained lighthearted and respectful. Towards the end of the segment, you could see both men making peace. Despite the added entertainment value to the show, once the segment ended, SAS co-host Max Kellerman reflected on how entertaining the segment was before the atmosphere turned awkward following Stephen A Smith voicing an opposite opinion.

I wasn’t [entertained]. No, I wasn’t. I didn’t like it one bit,” he declared before Max Kellerman asked him to explain. “Because I don’t. I’m gonna leave it at that. I don’t. I had nothing to do with that. I didn’t know anything about it.

Flip the page to watch the full segment. You can hear Smiths’ frustration over the segment at the 6:00 mark.

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