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Kwame Brown Say Lil Nas X Is Being Used As A Puppet After His BET Awards Performance

Kwame Brown is back!

He really never left but he hasn’t said anything controversial in a little while.

Kwame came back with a bang.

The BET Awards were last night and Kwame didn’t really like what he was seeing. Particularly with BET as a whole and Lil Nas X.

When talking about the Network, he says

“BET, what’s that stand for now? Because I know god**** well y’all ain’t still telling us this lie, this supposed to be Black Entertainment Television,” Brown said. “That’s what BET ain’t, it gotta soul or something? Because I think BET gotta White zaddy now.”

The biggest and most controversial thing he said was about Lil Nas X who he thinks is a puppet now saying

“Lil Nas X, you got to calm this s*** down, brother. Nobody gives a f*** that you gay, sir,” Brown added. “Well you don’t gotta keep kissing and all this s*** on stage, sir. You don’t gotta keep having your clothes halfway off your a** and yo body open and being provocative like you are and kissing on the damn devil and all these shoe promotions with blood in it, sir. That is not you just being about you being gay, you being a puppet. And everybody that like you, these kids might find that to be okay to do it because they like yo dumba**!”

Welcome back Kwame!

A lot of people disagree with Kwame, a lot of people agreed with him and there were a lot who just like to sit back and watch the drama.

Flip the page to see the video of Kwame giving his thoughts on Lil Nas X and BET Awards and Mr. X responded to critiques.

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