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Actor Xango Henry Talks With BSO About Summer Film “The Hunt: Savage Within”

In this life there are men who live in fear and those who embody fearlessness. One actor is fearless and takes advantage of the opportunity to show people taking risks are necessary for success. Legendary actor Xango Henry spoke with BSO this past Friday on his role as “Steve” in the upcoming summer film “The Hunt: Savage Within.” Like his first name that means Warrior, Henry shows more than his physical look and ability to steal the show.

“Henry plays a special-ops soldier among a motley crew of warriors battling a formidable alien force. His high-intensity stunts and hand-to-hand combat scenes are dark and edgy with precision discipline that he brings to the character’s story. The ensemble starring cast Madeleine Humphries, Lou Wegner, and Joseph Almani give it up equally alongside Xango with nail-biting situations and a means to survive the mission throughout the motion picture,” via TKO’s press statement.

Acting isn’t a virtue but rather a reality displayed on scene. However, Henry expressed his core interests and how he feels when it comes to the protective spirit with a great film crew.

“That’s a good thing about working with people that know you. I have a protective spirit. So this role allows me to actually act myself where I’m protecting. I’m the one who wants to save the world man. So, to be able to protect yall…that’s…I’m not acting,” Henry said while laughing. “Also the film is…um…people are going to love the diversity. I’m the only Black…you have a star as Thailand or Filipino I believe. You have a couple of Caucasian but one is from Finland I believe and then you have Davis Chong who is Chinese. So, you have that diversity which is…we’re an awesome team. We’re the baddest thing happening. The twist in the movie is going to blow your mind.”

Henry doubted the likelihood different forms of fighting styles would be portrayed by him in “The Hunt: Savage Within.” Henry trained in mix martial arts and fans will be in for great scenes with his realistic approach.

“If you see me punch this person and he falls down. He gone say damn…unless you understand fighting and the science.”

COVID-19 is still running rapidly and the world went into a shock during the first wave in January 2020. COVID-19 only changed how Henry would work through his film auditions. Like many others who aren’t sure the old way will return….the”new norm” is what actors have adjusted to.

“Oh yes sir. No one knew the severity rather high, middle or low where it was. So there was a lot of auditioning but it became auditioning from…in my case…a person’s home.”

The Hunt: Savage Within will premiere this summer and Henry isn’t finished carving out his legendary acting career. “Legend Of The White Dragon”, Sci-Fi film, will be released in 2022 on Netflix starring Henry,  Mark Dacascos, Andrew Bachelor, Fabien Garcia and an impressive cast.