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Black Athletes To Keep An Eye On In 2021

With the Olympics currently underway, there has never been a more exciting time for sports. Well, exciting things are always happening in the world of sports, but it’s hard to dispute that things aren’t being seen in a completely different light now thanks to COVID. COVID has just made the world realize how important sports are. Sports might be getting viewed in a different light, but if it wasn’t for the athletes gracing those sports, there simply wouldn’t be any sports. While there are truly several great athletes out there today, it seems that the black community is producing some of the most unbelievable talents the world has ever seen. Here are some black athletes that you’ll surely want to keep an eye on in 2021.

Allyson Felix The Track Star

If Allyson Felix knows about anything, she knows about challenges. She knows how to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges, and that’s exactly what she did when she suffered through the complicated birth of her daughter. It required an emergency C-section at just 32 weeks into the birth. While this is her last reported visit to the Olympics, fans will certainly want to keep an eye on this lioness. She’s currently returning to her fifth Olympics Games, but it will be her first as a mother, so it will be truly interesting to see how she reacts. She’s already claimed second place in the women’s 200-meter run at the US Olympic Track and Field. Keep an eye out for great things.

Noah Lyles For Athletics

If black athletes are known for anything, it is their speed. And, this much is more than evident by looking at Noah Lyles. He’s already claimed the top spot in the 200-meters race and is only destined for more greatness. He is known for his patterned socks, his innate love of paints, and the ICON tattoo that he supports across his well-defined stomach. He has already been quoted saying that he’s got his sights set on the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 4×100-meter titles. If anyone could claim these devout titles, it would be Noah. Anyone that’s going to be placing bets with quality online gambling sites like สล็อตโรม่า should keep an eye on this black superstar.

Teddy Riner The Judo King

Today’s black athletes are truly gifted and possess the abilities to accomplish anything they set their minds to. Teddy Riner is one such athlete that has proven this over and over again. It’s not often that you see a black man in the business of Judo, but Teddy has not only opened the doors for athletes like himself all around the world, but she has completely paved the path. He’s set the road, and it’s just up to anyone interested to follow it. This gold medalist is already a ten-time world champion, so he could quiet now and have already accomplished great things. However, this isn’t enough for him. Begin judo at just the tender age of five, this martial artist is more dedicated and determined than ever to bring home his third Olympic heavyweight judo medal. Something that no one has accomplished before, so keep an eye out for a new world record.

Eliud Kipchoge

You likely already know him as the first man to ever run a sub-two-hour marathon in Vienna. His accomplishment was so great that it stopped traffic in his home of Nairobi and sparked celebrations from all over the world. Now in Tokyo, he’ll have the opportunity to defend his devout title. If this is something that he accomplishes, he’ll be the third person in the history of sports to win the Olympics marathon twice. Kipchoge recently spoke with reporters about the healing power of sports. This is just how important sports and their corresponding athletes have become. This is something that the world needs more than ever during this global pandemic. Eliud put it neatly with his philosophical phrasing. He said that life was like a marathon, given that there are always going to be flat courses, downhill courses, and hill courses.

We might be on a hilly course right now, but this is the hardest time and we can struggle up that hill to get down to the easier, flatter side where things will even out. What a great philosophy and no one could have put it better.