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Eagles Plan to Trade For Deshaun Watson After He Settles His Massage Cases

It’s been a very wild off season for Texans QB Deshaun Watson.

He demanded a trade from the team and he’s had to deal with a lot lawsuits stemming from being accused of sexual assault/harassment.

With all of that, he’s still one of the best QB’s in the league and he still demanded a trade.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the frontrunners to land him are the Eagles whose starter is currently Jalen Hurts.

“The Eagles are more equipped to make a run at DeShaun Watson than any other team out there,” Schefter told the morning show. “And if you put DeShaun Watson on the Philadelphia Eagles they become a Super Bowl contender right away.”

Another QB that wants out is Aaron Rodgers and even though the Eagles are in the running for Watson, they aren’t in the running for Rodgers because Schefter doesn’t think he gets traded.

“I don’t think the Green Bay Packers are looking to trade Aaron Rodgers, even though it may get to the point where they have no choice but that they have to. And if the Green Bay Packers ever got to the point where they were going to trade Aaron Rodgers, it’s hard for me to see them trading him in the conferece to a team that, despite their struggles last year, is generally a good team and a competitive team. I don’t think they want to go and trade Aaron Rodgers to a team that’s been a strong team in the NFC and have to increase the chances that they would have to play him.”

Seems like Watson is more likely to be moved than Rodgers.

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