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How Maria Taylor Reacted to Rachel Nichols Being Benched By ESPN

No matter how you look at it, Maria Taylor won.

She got the big bag from NBC, and word on the street is she is making 5x more than Rachel Nichols.

While still being paid her $1.5 million yearly salary, Nichols has been benched by ESPN until her contract runs out. 

Maria has never publicly spoken about what went down, but her IG post pretty much sums it up.

Our ESPN sources tell us that while Nichols was solely concentrating on the NBA, the network has not yet decided whether they will use her in another capacity.

We’re told Nichols’ contract doesn’t expire anytime in the near future — and rather than try and find a way out from underneath the lucrative deal — ESPN has decided to continue to pay the star TV anchor.

Of course, Nichols was at the center of an explosive controversy back in June … when the NY Times released audio of Rachel venting to a top PR consultant about fellow ESPN employee, Maria Taylor.

Nichols was heard blasting ESPN for attempting to move her aside to make way for Taylor — a Black woman — in light of the current racial climate and the network’s “crappy longtime record on diversity,” as Nichols phrased it on the recording.

ESPN SVP Dave Roberts decided to take Nichols off the air.

The question begs does Nichols have any future with ESPN. She may be brought back in a different capacity after the heat dies down, but does she even want to come back after this?

There are rumors that Nichols already has her next job lined up and will wait out her contract before settling into a new gig with a media company that feels she didn’t do anything wrong. We shall see where the chips fall.

Flip the page to see how Maria reacted to the news. One could say she is unbothered.

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