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Texans Plan To Pay Deshaun Watson to Do Nothing All Season

This spring, Deshaun Watson originally wanted out of Houston and then got hit with over 20 sexual misconduct allegations, which have yet to be resolved. Watson hasn’t settled with any of these female accusers, as the FBI has reportedly been investigating him as well.

Watson has been at Texans training camp but hasn’t been working with the team much. Instead, he’s been having his own personal trainer on the side (not one from IG). Now, it looks like Watson may not play at all this season, which many expect to be the case.

According to The Athletic’s Aaron Reiss, Watson could end up being a “healthy scratch” for the entire 2021 NFL season. The NFL reportedly can’t put the QB on the exempt list due to him being investigated, and they can’t interview him.

The Texans could just play him (that is what I’d do) because he is healthy and eligible to play. What is the point of sitting him and paying him to do nothing. These cases might not be over until 2023. Are you really going to sit your franchise QB for two whole years?

QB1 on the Texans’ depth chart right now is Tyrod Taylor. His backup, as of now, is set to be David Mills. Watson is listed as 4th string. If Watson doesn’t play a snap, Houston could very well contend for the number one overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Flip the page for the only words Watson has spoken at Texans camp.

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