UFC Jordan Williams Fights Off Man After Attempting To Seal His Car From Gas Station – BlackSportsOnline
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UFC Jordan Williams Fights Off Man After Attempting To Seal His Car From Gas Station

In a wild video caught on security footage, UFC fighter Jordan Williams whipped the hell out of an alleged car thief with violent knee strikes after he says the guy tried to steal his whip after Williams left his car running at a gas station in Denver to run in and grab a drink. The whole incident was caught on video.

The 30-year-old MMA star says it all went down on Wednesday. He says the scene was captured on surveillance video claiming that you can see the man trying to steal his ride. The video proves this as Williams confronted the guy before he got too far and then you see him ripping the man in question from his ride and started kneeing him in the face.

Williams says he could have made things even more violent … writing on his social media page,

“Wish I would of hit him with the trip after the clinch work when I tossed him out of the whip and finish off with some ground and pound. But, he added, “I’ll settle with getting my car back.”

It is unclear whether or not Williams went and involved the police over the incident.

Williams added in his social media post a lesson we should all be doing, always locking your car doors saying.

“Needless to say my lesson was learned and I hope so was his.”

The alleged carjacker thought he was robbing a normal guy but unlucky for him, he attempted to rob a trained MMA fighter.

Flip the page to watch the vicious reaction by Jordan Williams towards an alleged car thief.

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