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Carmelo Anthony Says LeBron is Real GM of Lakers

I don’t think anyone is shocked by this.

If LeBron has wanted a player over the majority of his 18-year career, he has been able to get that player.

Melo is just saying the quiet part out loud.

When LeBron James called Carmelo Anthony about joining the Los Angeles Lakers, he wasn’t expecting it. It was a real call, Anthony said — “No bulls–t” — and it centered around a topic they’d talked about turning into a reality for years.

And, in recalling that conversation, Anthony revealed what everyone already knew about who’s really running the Lakers.

“’Yo. I need you.’ Say less. You ain’t gotta say nothing,” Anthony said him during an appearance on Sunday’s “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast. “I already know what time it is when you — you hit me. Direct. The GM ain’t hit me. You the GM.”

This got the internet going nuts.

A lot of strong and passive reactions.

Flip the pages to check them out, and Melo calling him the GM.

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