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Jackson Mahomes Says He Makes More Money Than His Haters So He Can Pour Water on Them

If you’re an NFL fan, you find it pretty hard to hate on Cheifs QB Patrick Mahomes. He is a star on the field, has a laidback cool demeanor, and is in a plethora of commercials, most notably for State Farm. The opposite can be said about his younger brother Jackson Mahomes.

Social media has voiced their hatred of the younger Mahomes over the years, and that hatred has just amplified after a video of Jackson pouring the water in his water bottle on a Ravens fan who was taunting him after the Chiefs loss went viral.

Now out in the STREETS, this is as disrespectful as one can get. A fighting offense for sure. But that doesn’t phase Jackson, who seems unbothered about the situation and had time to respond to all of his haters on social media. A supporter of Jackson commented.

 “Why do people hate on this dude? All he does is support his brother, and at the end of the day, he makes more money than both your parents combined.”

Jackson reposted the comment on his Instagram story with the caption, “facts.”

Well, no offense to Jackson, but riding your brother’s coattails to fame and money is not all that impressive considering Jackson hasn’t displayed any noteworthy talent himself. If Patrick never panned out in the NFL, I guarantee Jackson wouldn’t have the opportunities he has on TikTok, Snapchat, etc.

The appropriate thing would have been to apologize and put unwanted attention on his brother, but alas, that isn’t how Jackson rolls, so he has been doubling down on his actions and just making things a lot worse.

Don’t expect anything to change.

Flip the page to view the comment from Jackson Mahomes and his supporters who came for his defense via Total Pro Sports and the water video.

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