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NFL Players Are Scamming Their Teams With Fake Vaccine Cards

When BSO exclusively reported that NFL Players were getting fake vaccine cards from stripper Jasmine Clifford who the Feds and other means are indicting, it was met with skepticism.

That is understandable because it is hard to believe a multi-billion industry like the NFL would be fooled by fake vaccine cards.

Alas, thanks to this investigation from the Defector, that is exactly what is happened. It makes sense because the NFL wants the appearance of being pro-vaccine, but in reality, they care if the players are on the field.

Fake CDC cards, often ordered online, are big business and growing, and two NFL agents who work for different agencies told Defector that players they represent asked them for help getting a fake vaccine card. (Both agents declined to do so.) One of those agents said that his client asked him about getting a fake card because a teammate of his had used one. “He was like, ‘Oh well my teammate’s got this fake card. Should I just do that?’”

Based on what that agent learned from his conversation with this player and others similarly shut down as close contacts in 2021, he estimates that 10–15 percent of players have a fake vaccine card.

Player 2, who was vaccinated at his team’s facility, said he didn’t know of a specific player with a fake, but that talk of fake cards has been “going around, like people find all kinds of loopholes for all kinds of stuff.”

The NFL says if a player is caught with a fake vaccination card, they could be subject to discipline, but it appears teams have no idea or no desire to look too hard to see if a card is fake now.

I think you can guess at some of the players who have looked into fake cards.

In the end, the NFL wants players on the field, so don’t expect them to do a deep dive into this.

Flip the page for Jasmine Clifford speaking on how she provided NFL players with fake vaccine cards.

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