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NHL Says Evander Kane’s Wife Anna Was Lying About Him Gambling on Sharks Games

According to the NHL, Evander Kane has admitted to having a gambling addiction, but he wasn’t betting on the sport or throwing games.

It appears that is something his wife Anna, who is upset about their divorce, threw out there to try to ruin his career because he left her for his old girlfriend and took the G-Wagon on the way out.

According to the NHL, the investigation into the gambling accusations included a detailed review of social media, public data, and court filings — from both Kane’s bankruptcy proceedings and his pending divorce proceedings. The investigation included a review of sports betting data and analysis provided by Sportradar, as well as in-person and virtual interviews with members of the Sharks organization and Kane. Deanna Kane “refused to participate in the investigation,” according to the NHL.

Unfortunately for Kane, he has a new set of problems being that Anna has filed a restraining order against him where she accuses him of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Until that is cleared up, Kane won’t be allowed into Sharks’ training camp.

The truth with situations like these is normally in the middle. There definitely seems to be some vindictiveness from Kane’s wife, but if it can be proven he was violent towards her or their daughter, he should be punished.

From the gambling side of things, Kane is just a terrible gambler which is outlined in his bankruptcy documents where he claimed $1.5 million in gambling debts.

A source told BSO he loses his money on poker, not sportsbooks. Of course, there are ways to gamble under the table and off the radar, but you have to have some proof, and the NHL, who has the resources to find out these things, couldn’t find anything to prove he is nothing more than a very bad poker player.

Kane spoke to ESPN about everything that is going on.

Flip the page for that video and everything his wife Anna has said about him.

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