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PJ Washington Address Brittany Renner Saying It is Step Daddy Season and Looking For a New Man

Brittany Renner had the internet going nuts yesterday when she dropped an Instagram video declaring it is Step Daddy season.

People already have very strong feelings about what happened between her and PJ Washington, so this just added a lot of fuel to the fire. In the video, Renner explains that just because you break up with your baby daddy, you shouldn’t block your blessings and not start a new relationship.

She states when she does have a new man, she will trust him to be a father figure to her son. Renner is rumored to be dating Kevin Gates, who is in an open marriage, so at least for now, he won’t be the Step Daddy.

In today’s update, Renner addresses the men who were upset about her video and calling her out on social media.

The one thing she clearly points out is no one knows exactly what happened between her and Washington, so you shouldn’t pass judgment. I speak on that point below in the Keep That Same Energy Podcast.

She points out the infamous “message over messenger” that we often talk about on the site. If this was, say, Ayesha Curry or Gabrielle Union saying the same thing, how would people react to it? I don’t have the answer to that, but it appears she is saying the only reason she is getting push back is because of who she is, not what she is saying.

As far as PJ, he responded to the video by saying getting with Renner was a huge mistake. It is hard to feel sorry for him because it wasn’t like she tricked him or anything. He could have read her book and found out everything he needed to know about her in like two hours (the book is not very long, but you can purchase here if you like, has some interesting stuff about Colin Kaepernick).

One day, either Washington or Renner will tell the full story about what went down, but until then, you will just be left trying to decipher the social media posts.

Flip the pages for Renner’s Step Daddy season video, PJ’s reply, and Renner saying she is looking for a husband now.

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