Alabama WR Agiye Hall’s Father Vincent Goes Off on Critics After His Son Doesn’t Play Against Tennesee – BlackSportsOnline
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4/10/21 MFB vs Scrimmage 17 AGIYE HALL Alabama defensive back Jordan Battle (9) Photo by Kent Gidley

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Alabama WR Agiye Hall’s Father Vincent Goes Off on Critics After His Son Doesn’t Play Against Tennesee

One thing people don’t understand about these powerhouse universities like Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma, etc., is there are almost 100 players on the team, and they are all 4-5 star recruits.

They were the best players in their high school, in their city, and in some cases in their state.

They all can’t get on the field, though, which will cause some friction. Bama WR Agiye Hall is a good example of that. Highly sought out recruit who was supposed to do big things, but it hasn’t happened.

Nick Saban explains why he wasn’t on the field against Tennessee.

“You know, what we do with our players on our team is really kind of our business,” Saban said. “We’re encouraging guys to do the right thing whether it’s personally, academically — aight, we’ve protocols that when guys miss so many things, you know they don’t get to play in the game. That’s always been our rule out here.

“So I’m not going to disclose, and I don’t think it’s anybody’s business when we’re trying to get players to do the right thing, and we use playing time and opportunities in football to try to get them to do the right thing personally and academically. So that’s basically all I got to say about that.”

Hall’s dad, though, decided to hop on Twitter and talk to all the critics.

He didn’t hold anything back, according to Total Pro Sports. He let that Choppa Sing on any and everyone who had anything to say about his boy.

I think it is safe to say Hall will be in that transfer portal as soon as the season is over?

Who knows, maybe he turns it around because he is only a freshman, but while I respect any dad going hard for his son, social media might not be the right place to do it.

Flip the pages for the wild tweets.

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