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Ben Simmons Showed Up at Sixers Facility Without Telling Anyone

This is really simple.

I don’t care how much money you make or worth, no one likes to lose a million dollars especially if it is avoidable.

All Simmons had to do was show up and get paid. He could have still asked for a trade, but his direct deposit would have still hit.

It looks like Simmons has come to his senses, but he did it in a peculiar way. He just showed up unannounced at the facility as if nothing happened according to WOJ.

After staying away for the first two weeks of the preseason, 76ers All-Star guard Ben Simmons reported to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Monday night, sources told ESPN.

Simmons had held out in hopes of accelerating a trade. However, under the terms of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, for each preseason game he missed, he lost roughly $360,000 for failing to show up — totaling more than $1 million for the three games that he missed. In addition, the 76ers could fine Simmons for missed practices: $2,500 for the first, $5,000 for the second, $7,500 for the third, and for every practice after, being left to the discretion of the team, with the ability to go up to $50,000.

Sixers were unaware Simmons was flying into Philadelphia today. The organization was in constant contact with agent Rich Paul, but Simmons simply showed up at arena to take his Covid test prior to Sixers-Nets tip — and that’s when team officials knew he was in town.

The question begs how does he act once he is back around the team.

Is he going to be all in, or is he going to pull a Harden? I think it is in his best interest to play well because that will increase his trade value.

If he goes out there and doesn’t shoot, teams aren’t going to want to give up much for him, and he will be stuck.

Flip the page for a video about Ben just showing up.

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