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Ben Simmons Went to Delilah’s Strip Club After Being Kicked Out of Sixers Practice?

It is hard to tell if sports and entertainment reporter Landon Buford is telling a joke or legitimately telling the truth about Ben Simmons hitting up Delilah’s Strip Club after being kicked out of Sixers practice.

Simmons refused to do a defensive drill that Doc Rivers asked him to participate in multiple times.

At that point, Rivers told Simmons to take his ball and go home.

Spoiler alert, Simmons left the ball but decided to be a player in a much different way. Joel Embiid says he doesn’t care what Simmons does anymore, and if this is true, it would seem that Simmons doesn’t care either.

I have no idea why Simmons wouldn’t just fake a hamstring or back injury to get out of practice. You can’t just tell your coach you aren’t going to do any drills.

He came to practice with sweatpants on and kept his cell phone on him at all times. My theory is that Simmons assumed if he just showed up, the Sixers would send him home.

If the Sixers sent him home, then he would be entitled to his check. Instead, the Sixers stayed true to their word of trying to make things work and, if Simmons is healthy, having him in the lineup.

Simmons has been suspended for at least one game, but the question begs, what happens now?

Obviously, the team would beat his ass if they could, and frankly, that is what needs to happen.

Everyone needs to fight and get everything off their chest so they can move on. Put Embiid and Simmons in a boxing ring and let them throw hands. Once someone gets knocked out, everyone can be friends again.

They have to stop acting like the Real Housewives of Philadelphia.

Flip the pages for Simmons allegedly at the strip club, some of the Twitter reactions and comments from Embiid and Doc Rivers.

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