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Conor McGregor Threatens to Leak Videos of Tony Ferguson’s Wife

Normally, it is McGregor that starts these wild social media fights by saying something crazy.

In this case, he was minding his own business when Tony Ferguson decided to drop this bomb of a tweet right on top of his head.

Taking Growth Hormone Will Do That To Someone’s Build. You’re Mentally Weak & Your Leg Is Compromised. Your Fragile, Frail & Breakable. That GH Gon’ Make U Break Kid. Keep Pumpin’ Ya Chest Ya Cheat. Not The 1st Time God Punished You. You Like Picking On People And DJs? WTF P*ssy.

McGregor is being investigated for beating up an Italian DJ last weekend, and we know from the past that McGregor has assaulted everyone from women to old men.

Alas, McGregor didn’t take this laying down and came back with some wild tweets of his own where he claims he has video of Tony Ferguson’s wife Cristina Servin scared to death while Ferguson is going crazy inside of their house.

There could be some truth to this, according to Total Pro Sports.

In 2019, Ferguson’s wife, Christina, filed a restraining order against Tony, claiming he suffered from extreme paranoia and showed uncharacteristic behavior. Tony was said to have torn up the family’s fireplace, and he believed he had a tracking chip inserted into his leg during reconstructive surgery. However, she also made it clear that Tony had not physically abused her in any way. Rather, she obtained the restraining order as a precaution and in an effort to get her husband to seek proper help.

McGregor says the only he has left to do in life is to murder Ferguson in the octagon.

I can’t confirm or deny if McGregor has been talking to Deontay Wilder.

The last time McGregor was in the octagon, McGregor broke his ankle leading to a TKO win for Dustin Poirer.

Flip the pages for the wild tweets between the two.

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