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Deontay Wilder Tells Tyson Fury He Has No Love or Respect For Him After Fight

Try to look at it from Wilder’s perspective.

He thought he won the first fight, but Fury got up like the Undertaker, it was ruled a draw, but most people felt that Fury should have gotten a decision on the scorecard.

In the second fight, Wilder was dominated and then let his minions convince him he was cheated, and he convinced himself it was his costume and Mark Breland was the reason he lost.

Fury didn’t try to duck her per se, but he wanted to move on to an Anthony Joshua fight, and Wilder had to spend a considerable amount of money on lawyers to enforce his rematch clause.

Wilder wins the arbitration, changes trainers, and says you will see a new and improved Wilder. Right, when Wilder is ready to go, Fury catches COVID, and the fight has to be pushed back again.

Finally, the fight happens. Wilder is feeling great. No excuses, comes out in the middle of the ring, and he starts to implement his game plan.

Everything looks good, and then BAM.

Wilder didn’t fight badly, he even knockdown Fury twice in the 4th round, but he just wasn’t good enough.

After you consider all that, one can understand why Wilder would be a little salty after the fight. Add on to the fact that he likely had a concussion. His nose and ear were busted, along with a broken hand. It didn’t seem like he was in the mood for pleasantries.

I can understand why Fury was upset as well. There have been a ton of unfounded and frankly untrue accusations levied against him, and he has beaten Wilder fair and square 2 and 1/2 times. He was man enough to let all that go because he knew they were in a legendary fight, but it is easier to let it go when you are the winner.

I hope that one day Wilder realizes two things. He was wrong for what he said and did to Mark Breland, and while he doesn’t have to like Fury, he should respect what the two of them did in the ring.

Flip the page for Wilder, telling Fury he doesn’t respect him.

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