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Deshaun Watson Won’t Waive His No Trade Clause For Eagles

Deshaun Watson is currently sitting at home while the Texans struggle with a 1-5 record.

He won’t be suiting up for the team at all this season, and he doesn’t even want to. He asked for a trade after last season but hasn’t been traded because he has been dealing with over 20 sexual assault/harassment lawsuits since then.

A few teams have been rumored to be interested, but no real traction yet. However, there are two teams that are reportedly ready to make a move for him. The Dolphins, who many believe is that team he’ll end up with, and the other team is the Eagles.

It seems like Watson would prefer to end up in Miami, and according to Texans reporter, Aaron Wilson Watson does not want to play in Philly at all.

“At one point, Philadelphia was really aggressive in this, to the point where Howie Roseman had even contacted Deshaun’s legal team, he sent an investigator down here… He had done a lot of leg work on this. Eventually what he ascertained, and I reported this back in August and late July as well, was that Deshaun wouldn’t waive his no trade clause for the Eagles,”

Watson has the upper hand here since he has a no-trade clause, but something will have to give at some point if the team he wants to go to doesn’t give up what the Texans want. Some do think he will be traded in a week, though.

It is somewhat interesting that a player who could at some point go to jail for sexual massage assault is the one who is dictating all the terms of his trade.

This will be a HIGH RISK/HIGH REWARD trade for the team that decides to pull the trigger and that team appears to be the Dolphins.

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