Dr. Umar Challenges Mike Tyson to a Boxing Match After Tyson Disagrees With Him About Interracial Relationships and Dating White Women – BlackSportsOnline
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Dr. Umar Challenges Mike Tyson to a Boxing Match After Tyson Disagrees With Him About Interracial Relationships and Dating White Women

Dr. Umar Johnson over the years started off as a doctor of psychology who gave talks on the state of the African-American race and what we need to do to better ourselves, but now Umar’s name is probably more synonymous as a meme on black Twitter than he is for any of his books or talks.

One of Johnsons’ hottest talking points includes the issue of interracial dating. Umar believes interracial dating is a bad thing for the black community and should not be tolerated. This has rubbed many people the wrong way, including former world heavyweight champ Mike Tyson. On Tyson’s podcast “Hotboxin,” Mike had Freddie Gibbs discuss everything from rap beef to boxing news. During the interview, Freddie Gibbs informed Mike Tyson about Dr. Umar Johnson and his views.

The two were discussing white women when Gibbs said Umar wouldn’t be happy with his conversation. Tyson asked Gibbs who Umar was, and Gibbs explained that he has some cool ideas but doesn’t like White people. Tyson said with views like that, he can’t be cool.

“If he has hate, he can’t be cool,” Tyson responded to which Gibbs agreed. “None of it is cool. Any hate involved, it can’t be cool. I don’t care if it’s dictation, rhymes, they can’t be cool.”

Gibbs suggested that Tyson invite Dr. Umar to his podcast, causing Mike to ask more questions.

“Who is he?” Tyson asked. “Who is he to have that thought? Who is he to have that opinion and think that it counts?”

Dr. Umar hears everything and heard Tyson and Gibbs mention him during, and now he is challenging Iron Mike to a boxing bout and wants either former world champ and Philly native Benard Hopkins or Floyd Mayweather to train him for a five-round bout.

“We trying to raise money for the school. Shout out to the brother Freddie, shout out to Iron mike I still love yall but you didn’t do me or my platform any favors with that coonish conversation yall had today,” Umar said. “I can survive five rounds but I cannot beat Mike Tyson I would never disrespect his legacy like that but I think i can survive five rounds and I can get a couple of shots in.”

Who would’ve thought that Dr. Umar would throw his hat into the celebrity boxing realm? I know I would pay to see this fight, and many of Umar’s supporters and critics alike would have a field day if he were to step in the ring.

Flip the page to watch Dr. Umar Johnson saying he could hold his own in the ring with Iron Mike Tyson and Tyson speaking about white girls.

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