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Drake Employs Man Servant to Pick Up Women For Him

Drake has been accused of a lot of different and weird things over the years of his stardom.

The latest is how he finds women to have sex with.

According to a woman on Tik Tok, Drake has his own private “Tinder” and has a personal employee that finds women for him to have sex with.

The woman on Tik Tok says that everything she says is 100% true and came from one of the crew members on Drake’s tour. The women the employee finds puts the girls through an interview process and then picks the best one that he then drives to Drake’s house for them to do their business then drives her home after.

“Everything I’m about to tell you is 100% true, and this information came to me from one of the crew members on Drake’s tour. This was the guy who did all the tech stuff. He told me that Drake has an employee whose job is to go around town looking for super hot girls. He finds the girls, and then he interviews them. And out of all the girls he interviews, he picks the one that he thinks is the best. Then he drives her to Drake’s place, Drake has sex with her, and then he drives her home. So basically Drake has his own private Tinder.”

Weird process, but whatever works, I guess.

BSO exclusively reported how Drake just broke up with UCLA commit Amari Bailey’s mom Johanna Leia. It was a brief fling like most of Drake’s relationships, and he has already moved on with another woman who helped plan his birthday party.

No word on if the manservant was the one who spotted the new girl or if Drake did the work himself this time. We may never ever know.

Flip the page to see the video of the TikToker exposing Drake.

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