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Kwame Brown Calls Anthony Davis a “Fake Leader” For Trying to Punk Dwight Howard

Kwame Brown has been uploading YouTube videos regularly, but he hasn’t gone viral for a while.

He doesn’t even talk too much about basketball, but he did have thoughts on the Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard scuffled and to my surprise, he sided with Dwight Howard.

Here was his reasoning.

“The Anthony Davis situation – I think that was terrible. I think Anthony Davis is a very talented player. But Anthony Davis, in my opinion, you’re no leader. Because you called this man Dwight Howard your brother? Let me explain what you just did for your brother. Dwight Howard is a veteran in this league. That should come with a little bit of respect.

You’re not running up on no god damn rookie. You are running up on a grown-ass man. What I saw was a man trying to assert his leadership, but he did it like a boy. The moment you’d walk up to me, and you put your hand on my chest, hitting my chest. We ain’t talking about basketball no more.”

I tend to agree with Brown, not with Anthony Davis being a fake leader, but he shouldn’t have put his hands on Howard. Howard is generally unlike by everyone, but he looked like the more mature player in this situation.

While Howard was animated, he wasn’t putting his hands on anyone, and plus, he was sitting down. He tried to walk away, and Davis made the situation worse.

Because Davis is the superior player at the moment, it was Howard who was punished (he was benched for the 2nd half), but he might not have been at fault.

In the end, they both said they squashed whatever beef they had, but it is something to monitor going forward if their losses keep piling up.

Flip the pages for Kwame’s full thoughts and the AD and Dwight Howard confrontation.

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