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Kyrie Irving on Why He Won’t Get The Shot, Stephen A. Smith Criticism and If He Plans to Retire

Kyrie Irving hopped on IG Live to clear up some rumors about why he hasn’t gotten vaccinated.

Here are the bullet points.

  • He isn’t anti-vaccine
  • He understands both sides.
  • He is against mandates.
  • It isn’t about the money.
  • He doesn’t plan to retire.
  • He wants everyone to come together.
  • He doesn’t want to be used for an agenda.

He takes some shots some subliminal shots at Stephen A. Smith as well. Stephen A. has been very critical of Kyrie not taking the vaccine. For several days now, he has taken a lot of jabs at Kyrie and even his co-workers in Jay Williams.

After seeing what Kyrie was saying about him on the IG Live, he did a WWE-style promo video in his house where he spoke in a very Macho Man Randy Savage voice about how he would address the whole thing on First Take.

Just another example of how this is all about ratings and nothing else.

If we are being honest, this is a pretty simple issue. No one is forcing Kyrie Irving to get vaccinated. He doesn’t have to do it, and he will get paid half his salary to stay at home. If he wants to play with his teammates and try to win a title, he will get the shot.

I know it may seem like a vaccine mandate is something new, but it isn’t. Every job you have ever worked at has rules and mandates you have to follow. I get it, not all of them have to do with you getting stabbed in your shoulder, but there are many you prefer you didn’t have to do. No one likes to be drug tested. No one likes a dress code. No one likes to get reprimanded for coming back five minutes late from lunch.

Rules are rules, and if you want to stay employed, you follow them. If you don’t, then you can sit at home. Luckily for Kyrie sitting at home still makes him more money than most people will see in their lifetime.

Flip the page for the full 24 minutes IG LIVE video from Kyrie and Stephen A. Smith’s reply.

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