Los Angeles County Wants Vanessa Bryant to Take Psychiatric Exam to Prove Emotional Distress From Kobe & Gigi’s Deaths – BlackSportsOnline
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Los Angeles County Wants Vanessa Bryant to Take Psychiatric Exam to Prove Emotional Distress From Kobe & Gigi’s Deaths

The entire world knows that the LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s department employ some of the worse individuals on the planet.

They are supposed to protect and serve, but it has been proven they are more a gang than the actual gangs in Los Angeles.

LA County Sherriff personnel were caught in 4k showing Kobe and Gigi’s Bryant death photos to multiple people, including women at the bar they were trying to impress.

They would have gotten away with it if not for a bartender who went public and held them accountable after seeing they did nothing after he initially reported what he had seen.

Vanessa Bryant was rightfully furious by this and sued them. Instead of just admitting they were wrong, they want to add more trauma to her by doing this via USA Today.

The county of Los Angeles is trying to force the widow of Kobe Bryant and other surviving family members of a fatal helicopter crash last year to submit to psychiatric examinations that could help the county prove a critical point in their legal dispute:

Did Vanessa Bryant and the others suffer emotional distress because photos of their dead relatives were shared by county fire and sheriff’s department employees after the crash?

Or did their emotional distress stem only from the tragic crash itself?

The county contends it’s the latter and is seeking a court order to compel these medical examinations as part of its effort to defend itself from a lawsuit filed by Bryant last year after the NBA legend and their daughter died in that crash with seven others. Vanessa Bryant is suing the county for invasion of privacy and negligence, claiming county employees improperly shared photos of human remains from the crash site.

What type of evil individual came up with this?

Of course, they felt emotional distress because of the helicopter crash, but you added to that by showing photos of their family members’ dead bodies for your entertainment.


Flip the page for the names of the cops and firefighters, showing the photos around and more about the lawsuit.

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