MLB Announcer Jim Kaat Apologizes For Racist 40 Acres and Mule Comment During ALDS – BlackSportsOnline
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MLB Announcer Jim Kaat Apologizes For Racist 40 Acres and Mule Comment During ALDS

MLB Network broadcaster Jim Kaat has issued an apology for racist remarks he made about the Chicago White Sox star third baseman Yoan Moncada during Game 2 of the American Leauge Division Series.

Kaat made the comments when Moncada was at the plate and praised him as a physical specimen along with Buck Showalter until things turned left, saying, “Can we get a 40-acre field full of them?”

As you may know, the phrase used by Kaat was original a part of a promise from Union General William T. Sherman claiming that all free slaves would receive 40 acres and a mule. Of course, this never happened, and most of the land was returned to its original owners.

Once Kaat realized he had made a mistake, he took a break from the action to issue an apology.

“I want to add a little break here,” Kaat said. “In fact, I need to read this right now, because earlier in the game when Yoan Moncada was at the plate in an attempt to compliment the great player, I used a poor choice of words that resulted in a sensitive hurtful remark. And I’m sorry.”

Kaat has been in broadcasting ever since his own MLB career came to an end. We’ll see if any action is taking, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an MLB announcer saying a hurtful remark. Former Cincinnati Reds announcer Thom Brennaman was pulled from the air for saying equally if not worse remarks towards the gay community. 

It was a poor choice of words, but it lets you know the type of language old white men use when speaking about athletes of color. They talk about them like they are a piece of meat or property. It is very disturbing.

Flip the page to hear Kaat’s comments for yourself.

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