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Nets Will No Longer Offer Kyrie Irving a $186 Million Contract Extension

I will say this about Kyrie he doesn’t seem motivated by money, and even if he is, he shouldn’t be hurting for cash.

He has made over $160 million in NBA salaries, and that isn’t counting the endorsement money he has made during his 10-year career. With that being said to give up $186 million over a shot that has proven to be 99% safe is a pretty ballsy move. According to Shams, while the Nets will welcome him back if he ever does come back, they don’t want to be on the hook long term.

They already have Kevin Durant locked up, which was their main priority.

Here is what Shams had to say via Alec Sturm and The Glue Guys.

“He was willing to sacrifice, at the end of the day, 16 million dollars in salary this upcoming year and 186 million dollars, as far as an extension, that he will not be offered now.”

Kyrie has a $36 million player option for next year so that he can come back to Nets, or he could head into free agency, where he wouldn’t get $186 million but still would be able to fetch a pretty penny, that is, assuming he still wants to play ball.

There is a scenario in place that neither James Harden nor Kyrie Irving will be on the team after this season. Harden has a similar option and has expressed interest in testing free agency, something that he has never had the opportunity to do in the past.

This could all unravel quickly for the Nets, so they better hope they can win a championship this season before it all falls apart. They have invested in veteran support around KD and Harden, so they should be ok with Irving, but we shall see sooner than later.

Don’t be shocked if the Nets trade Irving during the season.

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