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OJ Simpson on If Jon Gruden is a Racist

Yours Truly, OJ Simpson says people have been asking him if Jon Gruden is a racist or not after the emails were leaked of Gruden saying some really wild stuff about Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith, and a ton of others.

The Juice says back in his day, he dealt with a lot of racist coaches, including a linebackers coach who was pleasant to the white players but yelled and screamed at the black players.

It got so bad that the defensive players asked OJ to talk to the coach because they knew the team couldn’t trade OJ.

OJ chalks it up to a lot of the coaches coming from southern college schools where they didn’t even allow black players to play.

As far as Gruden, OJ says he isn’t sure if he is a racist, but he thinks that Gruden wasn’t a very good coach.

He thought he was a Hall of Fame announcer, but that was it.

Flip the page to see OJ’s full comments and some of the Twitter reactions.

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