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Philly Fans Chant ‘F–k Ben Simmons’ During AEW Rampage

Philly sports fans are unlike any in the country. If they don’t like what they’re seeing on the court or field, they will let you know it. If you are brave enough to wear the opposing teams’ jersey at a home game, prepared to be hassled. Remember, this is the same city that threw snowballs at Santa and got into a fight with former Sixers player Mike Scott for wearing a Sean Taylor jersey at an Eagles game. 

During a taping of AEW Rampage in Philadelphia, thousands of wrestling fans voiced their feelings about former Sixers guard Ben Simmons by starting a ‘F–k Ben Simmons’ chant.

Despite the fans not wanting him, the team seemingly is doing everything it can to get Simmons to rejoin the team. Joel Embiid even admitted that he and others were willing to fly out to Los Angeles just to meet with Simmons until he told them not to come.

Simmons is expected to lose a lot of money due to his absence from the team. His camp met with the players union after being told he would not get that money back after he was fined over $350,000 for missing Monday’s game. This won’t be the last we hear about money issues involving Simmons and the Sixers, who have already withheld $8 million of his $33 million dollar salary.

There could be a trade before the season starts, but it is also possible the Sixers may wait until closer to the trade deadline. That is money that Ben Simmons will never ever get back, so he will have to decide sooner or later if he wants to show up or not. If he doesn’t, he will continue to lose money.

While we wait to hear what happens with Simmons next, flip the page to watch Philly fans show their true feelings about Ben Simmons.

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