Sage Stele on Being the Candace Owens of ESPN and Taking a Shot a Black Fathers & President Obama – BlackSportsOnline
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Sage Stele on Being the Candace Owens of ESPN and Taking a Shot a Black Fathers & President Obama

No one from ESPN has ever stood up for Sage Steele.

She is zero support from anyone in the building. The black employees, on purpose, exclude her for everything. She is a MAGA Karen snitch who runs to management any time she feels like she has been wrong.

She has taken shots at Black Lives Matter, immigrants, President Obama, Colin Kaepernick, and her black father.  She praised her white mother for taking in her poor black father. She praised her white husband, who divorced her for accepting that she was bi-racial.. She says black people are the real racists and voted for Trump.

These are all FACTS and her own words.

My mother is a perfect example. Raised by an Irish father and an Italian mother in a small Massachusetts town, she went against her parents’ wishes and married the black man she fell in love with. What she dealt with fresh off of the tumultuous civil rights era was horrific in so many ways — which is one of many reasons why she is the strongest, bravest woman I know. So, instead of rolling your eyes at my black father for “selling out,” shouldn’t you be praising my white mother for following her color-blind heart and not succumbing to the pressures of American society back then? Apparently not.

How about now, more than 4 decades later? Instead of giving me those all-knowing looks of disgust and calling me a sell-out when you see pictures of me with my white husband or see me with my very light-skinned bi-racial children, shouldn’t you be praising that “white boy” from Indiana who followed his color-blind heart and married into a bi-racial culture completely different from his own, to help create a beautiful, color-blind family? Apparently not. Sadly, the list goes on and on, seeping into just about every social and political issue.

So you can’t be surprised she went on MAGA Jay Cutler’s podcast and claimed to be ESPN’s Candace Owens and took shots at President Obama on Black Fathers.

She lies about the census not allowed her to put she is bi-racial when you can choose two or more races on it.

When will ESPN cut their losses?

You can’t say you are a company that values diversity when you continue to allow Steele on your airways.

Flip the page for her disgusting comments.

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