The #ThunderUp Fall To #TakeNote In Their Season Opener; Here Are The Things That Went Wrong (Highlights) – BlackSportsOnline
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The #ThunderUp Fall To #TakeNote In Their Season Opener; Here Are The Things That Went Wrong (Highlights)

Oklahoma City – The Thunder opened up their 14th season in OKC on the road against the Utah Jazz tonight and it was a little forgettable. There weren’t many bright spots in the game but the rookies Jeremiah Robinson Earl and Tre Mann played well for their debuts with JRE scoring 10 points on 4-6 which is the 2nd most points a Thunder rookie has scored in their debut while Tre Mann had 9 points.

The other rookie Josh Giddey who was the 6th pick in the draft didn’t have a horrible debut and rebounded really well having 10 which is the most a Thunder rookie has ever had in their debut.

Outside of those guys there weren’t any other positives.

Here are the things that went wrong:

1) The Offense

The Thunder offense was really bad tonight and I fear that it is what it’ll look like most of the season. They didn’t move as much as they should have, they didn’t pass the ball as much as they should have, the shooting was horrible, and it looked really elementary if I’m going to be honest. They should start putting more pick and rolls in their offense to create mismatches because they play 4 wings/guards at all times. They also need to get out and run more. They only had 10 fast break points which is pretty bad for a team like this. Also, someone needs to step up as a secondary scorer for this team because it will get really ugly on most nights if not. We all know SGA is the main guy but who will be the other guy the team can consistently depend on to go and get a bucket? That person needs to step up asap.

2) The Defense

Yes the Jazz only scored 105 which is good in today’s NBA and yes they only shot 41.5% from the floor, and yes their defense looked a lot better than their offense, but it was still pretty bad. The Jazz were walking into open shots and were just uncharacteristically missing. The Thunder are a young team and young teams typically aren’t good defensive teams but if they want to be successful going forward they will have to fix their defense.

3) The Lack of Size

The shortest player for the Thunder tonight was Lu Dort at 6’3 and next was Theo Maledon at 6’4 while everyone else is taller yet they have a serious size problem. They only played 2 guys that would really classify as a PF or C in everyone’s eyes which hurt their paint defense. The Jazz had a field day in the paint with 50 and should have been a to more because they missed some easy ones at the basket. They won’t be able to play any bigger so they are going to have to find a way to use their lack of size to their advantage or they might set a record for most points allowed in the paint.

It was only night one so we shouldn’t get too low on their performance but if they don’t fix those things it will be a long season.

The Thunder were led by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander who had 18 points on 7-17 shooting and Darius Bazley who had 15 points on 5-14 to go with 7 rebounds. Jeremiah Robinson Earl added 10 points while Tre Mann added 9 and Isaiah Roby had 8 points and 6 rebounds.

The team will look to erase this from their memory and get a win Friday night against the Rockets in Houston.

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