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Tyrann Mathieu Denies He Told Titans Fans to Sit on a D*ck

We all know that fans and players say some wild things during games.

Especially when you are getting blown out and playing like trash. Did you ever think the Chiefs would be held to 3 points in a game where Patrick Mahomes’ started?

It happened last Sunday, and according to sports anchor Harold R. Kuntz, it caused the Honey Badger to drop some not safe for work trash talk.

Here is the background via TMZ Sports.

Tyrann Mathieu says he did not tell Titans fans to “sit on a d***” after the Chiefs’ loss Sunday … calling the reports a straight-up “lie.”

The Honey Badger allegedly unleashed the crass insult following K.C.’s 27-3 defeat at Nissan Stadium in Nashville … with a local reporter tweeting he heard it loud and clear on the sidelines.

“I and another photographer heard him say those words as he turned around to some fans,” K.C. sports anchor Harold R. Kuntz said.

Mathieu, though, was quick to deny the allegation … writing on his own social media page (and then later deleting), “This is a lie!”

It can be very loud at football games. Honey Badger might have sounded like sit on dick, like “Sit down,” and some fans assumed he said something else.

The Chiefs have way more issues right now than arguing with fans, media, and others. Their defense is trash, their offense is stalling, and the Super Bowl loss seems to be hanging over them.

Unless you are on a Tom Brady, losing a Super Bowl is very hard to come back from. Please think of how much the 49ers have struggled since they lost to the Chiefs. Sean McVay was so distraught over their Super Bowl loss to the Patriots he got rid of Goff and didn’t even tell him.

Flip the pages for the Honey Badger, Kuntz, and others speaking about sitting on things.

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