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Watch Urban Meyer’s Wife Shelley Like Tweets About Him Not Deserving Her

It has been a messy last few days for Jags head coach Urban Meyer.

He was out partying with a young lady who gave him a lap dance while he had his finger up her butt. The whole time his wife was at home babysitting their grandkids.

Lots of people have said that it’s time for his wife Shelley to leave him and take half of his money.

He’s apologized, but it’s kind of too late. People think she deserves better, and she might think so also.

Mrs. Meyer liked a tweet saying she deserves better and him not deserving her.  Does Shelley know more than she is letting on? CSI social media has discovered that Urban has known the blonde who he was dancing with for several months, so it doesn’t appear like it was a random meeting.

Does Urban often go out while leaving Mrs. Meyer at home? Did she even want to come to Jacksonville? It is clear that she has sacrificed a lot of Urban over the years dealing with his multiple scandals.

I don’t feel bad for her because she has spoken badly in the past about Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter, and players that kneeled against racism and police brutality.

Obviously, they are both MAGA, so no one should cry for Mrs. Meyer or feel sorry for him.

Urban will probably be sleeping on the couch for a while. We know he won’t be sleeping at the facility because he doesn’t like hanging out there too much.

I doubt that Urban makes it through the rest of the season unless the Jags go on a winning streak this experiment will be over sooner than later. I don’t think even USC would want Urban at this point.  He might have to take a job at a Division III school.

Flip the page to see the tweets from Shelley saying she deserves better.

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