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3 Players that Can Rescue the Seahawks Season

FL is back and fans are tuning in each week to watch their favorite teams and players go head-to-head all the way up to the playoffs and the hugely anticipated Super Bowl. Now that the season is approaching Week 9 of 18, the standings of each franchise are becoming clearer, with wins to losses ratios helping to define how each team could perform in the future. Normally a top-ranking team in the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks have had a surprisingly unfortunate start to the 2021-2022 season, with an unusually low 3-5 record in their division.

However, there is still much hope to be had here as the organization approaches some crucial matchups against both the Packers and Cardinals. Who are the players that can pull Seattle up through the ranks and return them to their usual winning form? Here we outline a few team members that have the ability to do just that.

These players can turn the Seahawk’s season around and return the franchise to a top spot in the NFC West

Russell Wilson

One of the biggest reasons why the Seahawks are not leading the NFC West is because of star quarterback Russel Wilson’s absence since the October 8th matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. The QB injured his right middle finger during this game, forcing him to undergo surgery and get an internal pin implanted in order to stabilize the fractured joint. Although this unforeseen circumstance has pushed Seattle back, Wilson should be returning to the field very soon, as he just recently tweeted a picture of the removed pin alongside a caption that reads: “No more pin, Time to Win”. Wilson should be healthy enough to return as soon as Week 10, so fans can once again place their faith in the top tier quarterback’s elite abilities.

Nowadays, football supporters all around the country have even more ways to do this thanks to online sportsbook providers that connect fans with the players and teams they frequently follow. Additionally, because of the influx of these virtual bookmakers, platforms often offer promotional opportunities to engage. As Wilson sets foot back on Lumen field, there’s no doubt that Seahawk fans will be right there in support of his efforts to take back the NFC West.

Jordyn Brooks

A first round draft pick from Texas Tech, Jordyn Brooks has proved that he has what it takes to dominate in the big leagues, recording a whopping 36 total tackles so far in this regular season. The Seattle linebacker has made some show-stopping plays in the most crucial moments, demonstrating that he can perform well under pressure and lead the Seahawk’s defensive end forwards.

For example, in a recent game against the New Orleans Saints, Brooks deflected several passes that could have resulted in more points for the opposition. Instead, largely thanks to the linebacker’s contributions, the Saints only defeated the Seahawks by 3 points in a game that ended 13-10. Fans should expect to see more big moves from Number 56 as the franchise prepares to meet its rivals in the coming weeks.

The Seahawks play their home games at the multi-purpose stadium Lumen Field, previously known as CenturyLink Field 

Tyler Lockett

Veteran wide receiver Tyler Lockett has fared well so far this season considering that, for the first time since 2015, he has been receiving passes from a quarterback that is not Russel Wilson. Even as Lockett has been forced to work with a new partner in stand-in QB Geno Smith, the WR has recorded an impressive 579 total yards.

Additionally, in the Seahawk’s recent momentous 31-7 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Lockett caught 12 out of 13 targets and ran for 142 yards. If the receiver is able to play this well with a new QB, fans should be eagerly expecting Wilson’s return in order to see what can be done with the top-performing teammates back in action. After all, a solid QB-WR pair is one of the most crucial aspects of on-field success in the NFL.