33-Year-Old Ana Montana is Leaving Clothes in LaMelo Ball’s Closet in Hopes He Claims Her – BlackSportsOnline
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33-Year-Old Ana Montana is Leaving Clothes in LaMelo Ball’s Closet in Hopes He Claims Her

Ana Montana has made it clear that she doesn’t care about the 13-year age different between her and LaMelo Ball. She has also made it clear that she doesn’t care that people just see her a gold digger since she couldn’t possibly have that much in common with someone who was just in High School not too long ago.

She desparetly wants LaMelo to claim her publicly he simply hasn’t don’t it. The main reason being Melo is saying that he is still single unless you are told otherwise.

That is whey Ms. Montana is resorting to putting clothes in his closet per Awesomo.

With LaMelo Ball leading the charge, the young and talented Charlotte Hornets are making some early-season noise in the East.

Off the court LaMelo Ball and his girlfriend Ana Montana appear to be staying hot as well. The two have been going strong since they were first linked.

Now it appears they’re taking the next step in their relationship.

During a segment featuring LaMelo’s closet, Ana’s stuff can be seen in the background.

Shouldn’t be too much longer before LaMelo and Ana become a well known couple.

I tend to disagree, I believe at some point Melo is just going to drop her and move on the next woman who he has fancy for it.

The Hornets though are in good hands with Melo.

Jordan is still around, and he’s in a happier mood, and there are friendly rumblings inside Spectrum Center on game nights, all because the Hornets are seemingly built to last — finally — and mainly because of a kid they didn’t let get away this time.

LaMelo Ball is throwing slick passes and Miles Bridges is finishing them with authority at the rim and a smattering of other rotational players are doing enough to give the Hornets what they’ve always craved in the Jordan era: credibility and crowds and a climb up the standings, where they’re 11-8 and fifth in the East.

They’re very much a work in progress, and yet that’s the key word — progress — that makes folks here suspect this team is not a cruel tease. This could be the best team Jordan has ever had, and while that sounds like being called the tallest man at a short man’s convention, the Hornets will take any good vibes they can get.

Just don’t knock her up Melo.

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