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Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend Shailene Woodley Blames Media For Rodgers Lying About Getting Vaccine

Aaron Rodgers has been the talk of the NFL ever since he was exposed for lying about his vaccination status, telling the media claiming that he was ‘immunized’ but really was just unvaccinated.

Rodgers made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show to share his reason why he didn’t take the vax, and it honestly left more people scratching their heads rather than seeing where Rodgers is coming from. After the media criticized Rodgers for his outlandish reasons in his interview, his famous actress fiance Shaline Woodley stepped in to defend her man from the bad press he’s receiving.

In an Instagram post, Woodley shared a drawing of a woman appearing to arise from waves with a moon in the background and the words “Calm seas may bring you peace. But storms are where you’ll find your power.” The post made many think she was referring to her fiance’s situation, but she was quick to clear up those rumors in another post on her IG story.

“Just read somewhere that the media is claiming I deleted an Insta story amid the ‘chaos.’ (An astrology post of all things) (not cryptic at all you dummies.)”

“Do you even know how stories work brah? They self-delete after 24 hours,” she wrote. “Literally lol’ing over here over your determination to make a story out of nothing. Grasping at straws my dears.”

The two have been in relationship turmoil for some weeks now, and with the unwanted media attention, her name will be mentioned a lot until Rodgers makes his return to the field.

Many have blamed Woodley for Rodgers’ anti-vaxx stance because she is anti-vaccine herself and says she makes her own medicine. I made matters worse when people found out she eats clay. Wild times in 2021.

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