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Ben Simmons is Going Broke; Maybe Force to Play For Sixers Because of It

While this is the first time a report like this has hit the media, it isn’t the first time I have heard this rumor.

One thing should be made clear, Ben Simmons’ broke isn’t like us being broke. All it means is that his debt to income ratio may be upside down, but since a lot of that is because of assets, he can always recoup. Meaning, he might have overpaid for a $17 million LA Mansion, but he can always sell it.

With that being said, the bank account is looking a little lighter, which may end up why he comes back to play for the Sixers, according to 94WIP’s Howard Eskin.

“I was told by somebody very reliable he may be tapped out, broke,” Eskin said on Tuesday’s 94WIP Evening Show with Joe Giglio. “Cash flow broke. Because he’s losing so much money, but he spent so much money. 17.5 million dollar home, remember he has to pay taxes too. 17.5 million dollar home.

He’s got two homes in the Philadelphia area, probably worth eight or nine million. He buys a new car every month, four or five hundred thousand. He just spends money like it’s nothing because he thinks it never ends. And the person that told me, it’s very reliable that he has got serious cash flow issues.”

“Remember this trip, he doesn’t get paid for any games, so that’s well over two million,” Eskin continued. “He may have to come back. I don’t want him to come back, stay broke…I thought he was going to be out the whole year, now he may have to come back just to get some money.”

Before this season has started, Simmons had already pocketed $59 million. Let’s assume 40% of that went to Uncle Sam, so $35 million or so has actually been deposited in his bank account.

Knowing athletes the way I do, it is totally possible for an athlete to blow $35 million in five years.

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