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Bobby Shmurda Addresses Critics of His Zesty Dancing

Bobby Shmurda is keeping dancing alive, and in his recent interview with DJ Akademics, he addressed his dancing which was labeled “zesty.”

“We be laughing at that shit,” Shmurda told Akademiks. “You know what it is? … You talkin’ about the n****s or the girls, which one? … It gotta be the n****s. … Those be the n****s that are like, ‘This n***a Bobby over here taking all the bitches, son. … It’s those type of sh*ts, man.”

If a rapper comes out of prison after spending nearly a decade in there, most people would have a suspicion of their behavior.

This dancing isn’t like the Shmoney Dance, which had everyone trying to do it at their parties or graduations in 2014.

One thing for sure is Shmurda will be dancing his way to the bank when he’s collecting those big checks.

People need to understand that Bobby didn’t snitch, didn’t throw his people under the bus, and took a bigger charge so his man could get out of jail earlier. He is a made man in these streets.

He added, “Why if Chris Brown whine they ain’t say nothin’? Why if Beenie Man whine they don’t say nothin’?”

Akademiks explained that Bobby came into the game with dance moves, which was part of the appeal. However, people are less reluctant to embrace the moves since Shmurda’s always shirtless.

“N***as work out for n***as. When I was up in jail, I seen n***as workin’ out, right? And n***as like, ‘Yeah, son, I’m ready to knock somebody out.’ I be like, ‘this n***a trippin’,'” Bobby explained before mimicking the moves of someone lifting weights. “Get your ass away from me, n***a. I’m ready to knock some p*ssy out,” he added.

Flip the page for Bobby talking about men who have way too much time on their hands criticizing him and how he will continue to do him.

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